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Whatever your age, experience, budget, or energy level, Nor'East Outdoors has a boat for you. 

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Recreational kayaks are stable, easy to turn, and easy to get in and out of. Includes both sit-in and sit-on-top

Waterways: Great for the slower Cheboygan and Indian Rivers, inland lakes, and the bay on a calm day

Paddlers: Good entry-level boats, or for a casual paddle



Day-touring kayaks are longer and narrower than recreational kayaks. They track better (stay straight in the water) and go faster. Best for longer trips.  

Waterways: Great for the slower Cheboygan and Indian Rivers and lakes on a calm day

Paddlers: Better for paddlers with some experience who want to spend more time on the water and go faster. 



Multi-user kayaks with enough room for two adults and a child

Waterways: Best for slower-moving rivers and inland lakes on a calm day

Paddlers: Great option for two paddlers of different strengths to paddle together. Perfect for including a child in your trip. Or for two paddlers who want to be able to chat during the trip. 



Short, wide kayaks designed for fast-moving rivers. Easy to maneuver and roll

Waterways: Primarily used for Sturgeon River. Can also be used on slow-moving rivers for a slow, recreational trip

Paddlers: When used on the Sturgeon River, paddlers should be experienced. However, these boats are also useful for kids and new paddlers to use on slow rivers. 



Sea kayaks are even longer, narrower, and faster than touring kayaks. They are harder to turn and maneuver than other types of kayaks.

Waterways: Best for cutting across lakes and bays.  

Paddlers: Better for paddlers with experience who have strength and skill to want to spend more time on the water and go faster. 



Traditional canoes, open cabin with bench seating. Paddle with a single oar. More stable than kayaks and can carry more passengers

Waterways: Best for small lakes  

Paddlers: Great for multiple people. Take your kids, friends, or spouse.  



Wide, flat-topped boards designed to paddle while standing. Paddlers can kneel and sit as well. 

Waterways: Flat water like a slow-moving river or calm lake/bay

Paddlers: We have different boards for different levels, so paddlers of all experience levels can enjoy a SUP board. 



When you are done paddling, go for a pedal! We have bikes for all ages. 


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